Why am I asked to become a PetBacker Sponsor? Open


You will only be asked to become a PetBacker Sponsor to further protect the interest of other Backers on the platform and to grow with us if you have accidentally hit one of the below:

1.       The total value of potentially uncompleted jobs on platform is more than USD400 (depending on your location). A job is considered potentially incomplete when:

a.       owner cancels a paid job

b.       sitter cancels a paid job

c.       contact info was shared without booking


there are 20 owners that has contacted you on PetBacker, with 7 of them booked you while 13 of them has not booked you but have shared their outside contact info with you. 1 of the 7 has cancel a $50 job but didn’t book on other pet sitters on PetBacker, and you cancel 1 of the7 jobs worth $70 on petbacker due to personal emergency. The quotation of those other 13 owners who shared the contact with you is more than $300, then we will consider you have violated the platform policy which is $50+$70+$300=$420 and hence we will require you to become a PetBacker Sponsor to assist us on our advertisement and community program.


If you decided not to be a PetBacker Sponsor to help us on our advertisement, we will still allow you to use the Platform for Private Invited jobs as usual. We however would like you to know that Our system will automatically restrict System Assigned jobs to you. We would like you to know that the ratio of system assigned job to private invited job is about 50:1


2.       Repeated customers are lower than 10%


3.       Repeated bookings are lower than 20%

Posted 2 years agoby petbacker_admin

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