Payments FAQ

The methods of payment vary by region. Some of the payment methods PetBacker accepts are direct bank in, and major credit cards, debit cards via Paypal.

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PetBacker does not store any credit card information. All credit card processing is done via Paypal.

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Yes you certainly can. You can exchange 10 credits for a 10% discount per booking, up to a maximum of USD28.

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PayPal accounts are free, and you don't need to have a credit card to open one. More than 100 million people have PayPal accounts. Go to to open an account.

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1) Tap on "Inbox"

2) Select the conversation with the Backer that you would like to hire.

payment 001

3) Tap "Book It"

payment 002

4) You can then review on the items that you will be charged for. When you are ready, tap on the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions

payment 003

5) Choose your method of payment. The methods of payments will vary depending on your location.

payment 004

6) Once your payment is complete, the quote amount that you have accepted will be displayed. Your request status will also change to "hired" in your request list.

payment 003a 

7) When your request is completed successfully, tap on "Close job" to inform PetBacker to release your money to the Pet Sitter. If you do not close the job or open a dispute with us within 2 days, the money will be released to Pet Sitter automatically within 3 to 7 days after your request is completed.


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These are a few things you can do if your payment to PetBacker is failed:

1. Call your bank immediately and ask why failed.

2. Check if your card is active for overseas transaction or not.

3. Check if your credit card account reach his limit.

4. Contact our support.

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Pet parents have the option to open a dispute within 2 days after the job is complete. PetBacker will investigate the dispute and if we decide in the pet parent's favour, we will refund a portion or the entire booking fee at our discretion. 

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Although requests for refund are rare and does not happen often; in the event a refund is required the following is our process:
1. Ask for a refund via PetBacker support,
2. We will ask you for the reason for your refund
3. We will refund your money within 7 working days
4. Please be patient as it may take a few days for processing by your bank or PayPal for you to see the money reflected in your account.
(Note: we will need to get validation from the audit team for approval if the job is in between or within 72 hours, but no worries, your money is in your wallet and is not released to the pet host or service provider)

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