FREE Pet Boarding, Taxi - Referral Program FAQ

PetBacker connects loving dog walkers, sitters, boarding & groomers with pet owners just like you in all major cities & can help you get a loving trusted Pet sitter who could board your dogs & cats in moments after you make a request.

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If you have a referral email that you would like to add before signing up,

1) at the login page of the app tap on "Add referral"


2) Next enter the email of the referrer.

3) Tap "Ok" to confirm the email. You can now proceed to sign up.

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Get 10 credits when you refer 3 friends to sign up successfully on PetBacker. You and your friend will get the following rewards on their first paid booking on PetBacker based on the following table:

Country Friend Discount Your Reward
US US$12 US$4
UK £12  £4
AU A$12 A$4
SG S$12 S$4
EU €12 €4
JP ¥1200 ¥400
All other US$2 $1


For pet sitter referrals, you will get 3% of their first earnings.


Please abide to our code of ethics below. Any user who are found to have broken these code of ethics will be banned and any earnings will be withheld.

  • Do not use purchased email or phone lists
  • Do not spam unknown users for leads
  • Do not use competitive platforms deliberately for lead gathering
  • Do not spam forums or public posts on social media
  • Do not submit unsuitable candidates with unproven capabilities.
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There are two ways to share the Referral Code (PetBacker App and Web)
(1) App

1. Go to profile and tap on "My Rewards"

2. Tap on Referral Program

3. Tap "Share" to share your Referral Code

4. Choose social media platform you like to share with your friends!

(2) Web

1. Login your account from

2. Go to "Voucher" tab

3. Copy and share your Referral Code to your friends through social media!

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